If we are intentional about what we repeatedly do, we can practice who we want to become. And through practice, we can become who we want to be.
— Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL, from "Resilience - Hard Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life"

Recover Resilience

Learn how embodied movement practices improve Mind-Body Fitness & create sustainable wellness.

Karin Collins, Teacher & Founder of Momentum Energy Arts ~ Taiji, Qigong & MELT, celebrates over 15 years practicing, training, teaching & creating Mind-Body experiences. She seamlessly combines techniques from Tai Chi, Qigong, Breathwork and the MELT Method to facilitate recovery and resilience.

Clients and students improve body awareness, stability, mobility, breathing efficiency and wake the senses from head to hands to feet. We all could use a hand reducing the negative effects of aging, an active life & that dreaded plague--stress!  Karin can show you how & fill you in on why it matters.